Kili-konka | Frequently Asked Questions - General Questions
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  • What does my family need to bring?
    • Insect repellents, sunscreen lotion, lip moisturizer.
    • If you visit in June, have a light sweater or jumper in your luggage.
    • If you visit during the months of March to May, or October a light raincoat will be helpful in the warm showers.
    • At all other times of the year, have a sun hat, and light clothing. Cotton is best for the warm weather.
    • Sturdy and comfortable walking shoes will make your walking visits into and around Moshi town more comfortable.
    • Moshi is generally safe and incidents of pick-pocketing or bag snatching are literally unheard of. However, please take the standard precautions you would take in any new location, at the very least taking the standard precautions you would take in your own home. A waist money and document bag is therefore a good idea.
    • Camera with spare disks. Also carry an extra set of batteries in case the special type you require for your camera is not available in Moshi. Standard AA and AAA batteries are readily available in most shops in Moshi.
    • Anti-histamines and any allergenic products you require if you have any allergies whether pollen, dust, or otherwise.
    • Your normal medication if any.
    • Please see our "Things To Carry" tips for a more comprehensive list.
  • What is the power rating in the Kili-konka home?
  • The power rating in Moshi (and in Tanzania) is 220-240V. Please ask the manager for a step down converter for the duration of your stay if your equipment requires 110V.

    Our power supply is solar energy based. Please use only low energy equipment on the standard sockets. For personal item ironing please seek guidance from your housekeeper as to the appropriate location to use the iron, which requires too much power to use on the solar inverter.
  • Can friends visit us during our stay?
  • Yes, friends can visit. However, the total number of people spending the night must not exceed the limit of 8 persons. Should you plan to have guests for lunch or dinner, please inform the Manager or Chef in advance so that they can plan accordingly. Charges for meals for all parties will apply as usual.
  • Are there any house rules?
  • Yes, please see our Rental Rules.
  • Is parking free?
  • Yes, parking is free.