Kili-konka | On-Site ManagementKili-konka Holiday Villa has an on-premises management office, and management is always available to make sure everything runs smoothly. You can be sure that if you have any questions or concerns, someone will always be there to assist you.
Kili-konka | HousekeeperWhile at Kili-konka Holiday Villa, you need not worry about cleaning and tidying up, laundry, or any other household chores. While we expect a reasonable level of cleanliness from our guests, our housekeeping staff will take care of all your housekeeping needs.
Kili-konka | Security and Security SystemWith a fast-response security alarm system and night-time security guards, you can always be assured of your well being, and the well being of your family.

The Kilimanjaro area, however, has a very low crime-rate.
Kili-konka | ChefOur Chef is always available to prepare your meals for you. However, guests who prefer to may also cook for themselves with our Chef's assistance. If you enjoy cooking and express the interest, our Chef may teach you how to prepare some tasty local dishes!
Kili-konka | GroundskeeperOur full time grounds-keeper / caretaker is always around during the day, to make sure your surroundings are clean and comfortable while outdoors in the Kilikonka compound. The grounds-keeper is also available to assist with day-time outdoor activities.