Kili-konka | Frequently Asked Questions - Services
Kili-konka | Services
Kili-konka | Services (In-House)
  • Is Kili-konka Holiday Villa staffed?
  • Yes, the home is fully staffed, for your convenience, comfort and care.
    • On-premises Management office: Management is always available to make sure everything runs smoothly. If you have any questions or concerns, someone will always be there to assist you.
    • Housekeeper: While we expect a reasonable level of cleanliness from our guests, our housekeeping staff will take care of all your housekeeping needs.
    • Chef: Our Chef is always available to prepare your meals for you. However, guests who prefer to may also cook for themselves with our Chef's assistance*. (*Exclusive Package [whole house] only.)
    • Security (night-time): With a fast-response security system and night-time security guards, you can always be assured of your well being, and the well being of your family or group.
    • Grounds-keeper: Our full-time grounds-keeper is always around during the day to make sure your surroundings are clean and comfortable while outdoors in the Kilikonka compound, and to assist with any day-time outdoor activities.
  • Is the Management office always open?
  • The Management office is open during the day and in the evening hours, between 6:00 AM and 9:00 PM. However, if you have any questions or concerns that require immediate attention during the night, the Manager is on-call to assist you.
  • What if there is a medical emergency?
  • We have several first-aid kits on premises. For situations that require a trip to the emergency room, KCMC (Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center) is within 5 minutes drive from Kili-konka. In case of extreme emergencies, there is a panic button for fast-response medical transportation.
  • Can Guests cook their own meals?
  • If booking our Exclusive Package (whole house), yes. Our Chef is always available to assist you while you cook, and if you need any ingredients, we take you grocery shopping. If you enjoy cooking and express the interest, our Chef may teach you how to prepare some tasty local dishes!

    If booking our Essentials Package, the kitchen is all yours to prepare your own mealsaundry!
  • Are all meals included in the price?
  • Breakfast is complimentary, and Guests have the option of having meals 'at home' or going out to lunch or dinner.
  • Can we have a barbecue?
  • Absolutely! Our grounds keeper will assist you with getting set up for your barbecue in the garden, and our Chef is always available to assist you with the cooking.
  • What's on the Menu?
  • We generally leave this open for our guests to decide, provided the ingredients are available locally.
  • Do you provide laundry services?
  • Yes, all laundry will be attended to by our housekeeping team free of charge. However, items that require dry-cleaning will be charged at a fee per item. Please check your laundry sheet for details when you check-in to the home.
  • Will our clothes be ironed as well?
  • Yes, our housekeeping staff will take care of that for you. If you would like to iron your own clothing, please seek the assistance of our housekeeper. The power supply at Kili-konka is primarily solar energy based, and irons require more power to use than the solar inverter is capable of. Our housekeeper will show you the appropriate location(s) for ironing.
  • I'd like to have a birthday party or other special event. Is this possible?
  • Yes. Being a single home, we are able to respond to special requests for your family's/group's stay. Please let us know in advance if you would like to have a special event, and we'll see what we can do.
  • What other services does Kili-konka provide?
  • Other services that we can provide at a fee include:
    • Transportation to and from various activities in and around Moshi.
    • Transportation to and from Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) or other nearby airports.
    • Meals - Lunch & Dinner.
    • Special events.
    • Coordination of activities outside the home.
Kili-konka | Services (Outside Kili-konka)
  • Do you arrange Mt. Kilimanjaro climbing expeditions?
  • Yes, we do. Please visit the Climb Kilimanjaro section of our website for more details, or send us an enquiry.
  • Do you provide mountain climbing gear?
  • Yes.
  • Do you have activities for those who do not wish to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro?
  • Yes, we organize day-trips for our guests who do not wish to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Please visit the Day Activities section of our website for more details.
  • Do you arrange Game Drives?
  • Please Contact Us if you would like any safaris to destinations not listed in the Activities section of our website.
  • Can you organize a picnic for us?
  • Indeed we can. Just let us know!
  • Can you organize any day-trips in the area for us?
  • Yes. With your request prior to your arrival, we can organize day trips for you and your family or group. We offer a variety of day-trips to popular locations in the region. Please visit the Activities section of this website for more information.